Captain's Log


March 24 Turns out I'm just going to reuse my old layout as I'm already happy with it as it was lol

March 20 More stuff behind the scenes, including some tinkering with sadgrl's free-to-use layout builder in order to create how my homepage should look like. It's not publicly viewable yet unless you know the test page's URL for some reason.

March 17 Bit of changes and additions underway, including a links page. Still deciding on how my webpage should look.

Feb 28 It's been a few years since I've used Neocities to maintain a primary internet presence. This new webpage is meant to replace my old one at without the burden of deleting it completely, as it holds sentimental value for me. Social media has become so painfully sterile for someone like me who would rather display my creativity and individuality without artificial restriction and added constant stress. I may not guarantee how much I would update this site often since I have a life outside the internet, despite being mostly introverted, but I will definitely ensure this webpage will eventually become a comprehensive but not exhaustive look at who I am, what I am, what I like, art and music I make, writings and ramblings, et cetera; like a window to my soul, a digital diary or journal of sorts.