Cool Links

Or as I'd call it, a list of my favourite bookmarks of which I will share with you. This page is constantly under construction.

Curlie, a web directory everyone who uses the internet should know.

Nathan Lineback's Toasty Technology page. In here he rants an awful lot about using Microsoft Internet Explorer and has some cool stuff including a DOOM WAD themed after Firefox.

Ian Fieggen's shoelace page, because you're never too old to learn or re-learn how to tie your shoes., a JavaScript-based teletext graphics maker.

A teletext viewer for an unofficial revival of BBC Ceefax as well as other services called Teefax and TVARK Spark.

A website all about British television, a weird fixation that gets weirder if you're not even British.

A website dedicated to the history of teletext. Worth reading when bored.

Sierra Death Generator, a fun little text-to-image generator that uses old game graphics.

WINDOWS93, a spoof self-contained browser-based "operating system" of its kind.

A cool text to ASCII maker which I used to make the banner in the homepage.

Another ASCII art generator that can convert images to text files.

WebNeko, a JS-based virtual pet cat that follows your cursor's every move.

Tom's Gallery, a comprehensive online museum of early computer art, including those made on the C64, Amiga, MSX, Sharp X68000 and NEC PC-98.

Otaku Things

Fantasy Anime, a comprehensive database of Japanese animation in the fantasy genre as well as Japanese role-playing video games, and also home to a good list of emulator recommendations.

Anime Galleries dot Net, an old anime images site that surprisingly doesn't have Dragon Ball, Kimagure Orange Road or Saber Marionette.

Ironmouse CG Shrines, a prototypical "waifu" image gallery.

Someone managed to reconstruct the old Anime Web Turnpike page by pulling it from the Wayback Machine, so people can access it without the short loading times.

A helpful guide on NEC PC-98 emulation. Another overview of the PC-98 but for Touhou series enthusiasts.

Cool Sites on Neocities You Should Also Check Out, a webpage full of GIF banners you shouldn't miss.

Dannarchy -- a very personal yet very cozy website by some dude named Dan where anything goes! Perfect for people who are bored in front of their computers!

The webpage of VLIF, a pretty eccentric multimedia artist with mastery of 1990s and 2000s aesthetics. Don't miss their Youtube channel!

A webpage themed after Neon Genesis Evangelion. Actually more of an experience, and it's best seen on desktop. Some spoilers for the series.

A preservation effort of an old parody website called The Corporation chock full of amusing icons and banners for your website.

Interesting Ancient Websites and Other Artifacts of Internet Past

I highly recommend attempting to discover archived versions of certain websites that are listed here and here. Unfortunately, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine does not have preserved pages older than 1996. I once tried to check their archives for MTV's website and the oldest one I could find is advertising Beavis and Butthead Do America.

404 Page Found collects some interesting sites.

Mosaic Communications Corporation -- a company that would later become Netscape and the Mozilla Foundation.

University of Minnesota Geometry Center homepage, now residing in the servers of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (the birthplace of the Mosaic web browser). It's the website to the (sadly defunct) place where the famous Outside In educational video was made! If you're interested in OpenGL visualization of the funny everting sphere, check out this page. Works on my Windows 11 laptop.

Space Jam official website, still hosted on Warner Brothers servers. Come on and SLAM and Welcome to the JAM!

Friends' Webpages

Ryunosuke-san's webpage. He's one of my biggest Japanese pen pals. Obviously his page is all in Japanese so you might want to use Google Translate on it, though it's full of fighting game tips and tricks.

The webpage of Proxima64, a new alias by famed avant-garde animator and musician Nicholas Fedorov. He hasn't actually touched it in years though, so best to check out his Bandcamp, Soundcloud or Youtube accounts linked there.

The webpage of Blue Mario/Forple, a chiptune enthusiast. Another page with links to social media and his Youtube channel full of 90s videogame music rendered in oscilloscope view.

Coffee Fueled Retro, a blog made by Philips CD-i enthusiast and tech tinkerer Jorne from Belgium.

Squeakball, a very friendly guy from the Twitter anime community, just dug up the code to his old webpage about cars, and repurposed it to showcase his exhaustive list of anime cuties. Pretty much a work in progress like my own site.